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The chamber of commerce of Iran and other Asian countries

commerce of Iran

Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran has 38 mutual chambers of commerce with various countries worldwide. But what do we mean by chambers of commerce or mutual chambers? These chambers of commerce are the instruments that accelerate the economic and commercial relations between various nations. The chambers of commerce in Iran are a line of communication or a gateway for companies, particularly private companies, to sign contracts and utilize commercial relations. According to the “D” and “N” paragraphs regarding article 5 of the rules and regulations of chambers of commerce, industry, mine, and agriculture enacted in 1990, chambers of commerce in Iran are established to boost the trades and mutual production and develop economic and commercial relations between Iran in other countries in various sections such as industrial, commercial, mine, agricultural and services. Currently, there are 38 chambers of commerce in Iran which we are about to examine and introduce in two articles, the “chamber of commerce of Iran and Asian countries” and the “chamber of commerce of Iran and Europe.” We will examine the chambers of commerce of Iran and Asian countries in the following.

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1- Iran – China chamber of commerce

China plays an influential role in the global economic cycle, and it is known as one of the main commercial hubs of the world. Therefore, trading with china and benefiting from the tremendous potential of this country is essential for every country. China has been one of Iran’s biggest trading partners for many years. The economic relations with china in the form of imports and exports or mutual investment plans are crucial for both countries, particularly for Iran. One of the most active chambers in Iran is the Iran-China chamber of commerce. The Iran-China chamber of commerce started its operation with 65 members and has more than 7000 members as of today because of the trade expansion between the two countries. This room is now established and operational in Hong Kong and Macao. The contact information is provided in the following.

President: Majid Reza Hariri

Vice President: Seyed Hossein Amini

Board of Sirectors: Mehdi Changizi Ashtiani, Roya Vaziri, Yusef Bapiri, Hervik Yarijanian, Mustafa Maleki Tehrani, Afshin Amini

Executive Secretary: Maryam Sadat Samiani Fard

Phone: 021 – 88306999 , 021 – 88593495

Fax: 021 – 88304140

Website: https://iccci.ir/

Iran - China chamber of commerce

2- Iran – Turkey chambers of commerce

According to the temporary data assessed by the Turkeys data center and the Ministry of Commerce, the export of this country increased by 16%, with a value of 17.85 billion dollars in December 2020, and the imports of this country have a value of 22.38 billion dollars with 11.6% increase compared to December 2019. All of these stats demonstrate the magnitude of Turkey’s economic power. This economic power not only defines Turkey as one of the top economies in the region but also one of the most vibrant economies in the world. The facts, such as Turkey being a neighboring country, the mutual ground borders, and the similarities between the cultures of Iran and Turkey, can increase the urge for Iran to develop economic cooperation with this country. The Iran-Turkey chamber of commerce is one of the extraordinary methods for trade, market research, and reaching the active and modern markets of turkey. Also, this country makes it possible for the Islamic Republic of Iran to connect with eastern Europe countries and participate in those markets.

All of the reasons above cause this necessity to examine the Iran-Turkey chamber of commerce as one of Iran’s significant chambers. Additional information regarding this chamber is provided below:

President: Mehrdad Saadat Dehghan

Vice President: Hossein Pashaee, Mohammad Reza Rostami

Board of Directors: Behnam Taj Al-din, Ali Olad Dilmoghanian, Hassan Entezar, Samad Poorsultan

Executive Secretary: Mehdi Mussae

Telephone: 021-40442518

Fax: 021-40442475

Email: info@iranturkeyjcc.com

Website: http://iranturkeyjcc.com

Iran - Turkey chambers of commerce

3-Iran-Iraq chamber of commerce

The Iran-Iraq chamber of commerce is the third discussion case regarding Iran’s most important chambers of commerce. This chamber includes commissions such as the commission of energy, transportation and customs, tourism, and health which makes this chamber one of the most significant chambers of commerce in Iran.

Iraq is one of Iran’s essential trading partners, considering its religious and cultural affinity and the extended mutual ground border with the Islamic Republic of Iran. In addition to Iraq’s oil resources, its strategic position in the region, and its high agricultural potential, the demand created in this country because of the war for various facilities have made this country a target market for Iran’s non-oil exports.

Additional information regarding this chamber is provided below:

President: Yahya Al-Eshagh

Vice President: Muhmmad Aref Ebrahimi, Shahla Amuri

Board of Directors: Yusef Bapiri, Muhammad Reza Ghafroallahi, Seyed Hamid Hosseini, Mohsen Chaman Ara, Muhammad Mehdi Raees Zadeh, Ali Niazi, Fateme Shabani, Shaban Forutan

Executive Secretary: Jahanbakhsh Sanjabi Shirazi

Telephone: 021-88810546 , 021-88814181

Fax: 021-88814180

Email: iraniraq@gmail.com

Website: http://www.ir-iqcc.com

Iran-Iraq chamber of commerce

4- Iran-Emirate chamber of commerce

Even though the United Arab Emirates has only existed for half a century, this country is among Asia’s wealthy and advanced countries, considering its great natural resources and high potential. This country has moved toward progress with a higher slope in recent years and is a target market for many merchants and traders. The United Arab Emirates is among the top three export destinations of Iran.

According to the world statistic provided by the Statistica website, the United Arab Emirates’ total value of foreign trade was more than 1.4 Trillion Dirhams in 2020. It is also notable that China, India, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Germany are among the major trading partners of the United Arab Emirates. Iran’s absence among these countries is all the more reason for the importance of the activity of this chamber of commerce and the development of cooperation between these two countries.

Additional information regarding theIran-Emirate chamber of commerce is provided below.

President: Erfan Shkaeri Nasab

Vice President: Saeed Moghise, Kasra Mohaghaghzade Chaharsughi

Board of Directors: Hamed Stiri, Sadina Abaee, Sadina Abaee, Shabnam Bahrami, Farshid Farzanegan

Executive Secretary: Jahanbakhsh Sanjabi Shirazi

Telephone: 021-88810525, 021-88810526

Fax: 021-88346733

Email: info@iremcc.ir

Website: http://.iremcc.ir

Iran-Emirate chamber of commerce

5- Iran – Syria chamber of commerce

 Like other chambers, the Iran-Syria chamber of commerce attempts to promote economic development between the two countries through negotiations and effective intercourse and provides services such as below to the merchants and traders.

  • Assembling a database of active traders in Syria, communicating between producers and exporters, and publishing the annual directory of Iranian producers and exporters.
  • Examining and introducing the market of Syria and its potential and necessities.
  • Holding various webinars and seminars to demonstrate the methods and ways to trade with Syria
  • Holding commercial meetings from Iran to Syria
  • Holding annual mutual conferences to solve various trading issues in diffrent sections such as banking, customs, transportation, standard and quality control, health, and public tenders

Syria has always been considered one of the appropriate trading partners for Iran, particularly in oil imports and non-oil products. The most essential exported products from Iran to Syria, besides oil and its derivatives, are machinery, hardware, chemicals, plastic, paper, wheat, sunflower seed, and sugarcane.

Contact information regarding the Iran – Syria chamber of commerce is provided below.

President: Keyvan Kashefi

Vice President: Ali Asghar Zebardast, Muhammad Reza Mortazavi

Board of Directors: Shahla Amuri, Shaban Forutan, Hushang Parsa, Esmaeel Ibrahmi, Mehdi Saeed Al-Zakerin, Rostam Jangavran

Executive Secretary: Asghar Mirzaee

Telephone: 021-85732195

Fax: 021-88825111

Email: info@iransyriajcc.comiransyriachamber@gmail.com

Website: www.iransyriajcc.com

Iran - Syria chamber of commerce

6- Iran-Qatar chamber of commerce

Iran and Qatar are connected by a 268 Km sea lane alongside the south border of the Persian Gulf. Qatar, considered one of the developing countries in Asia, has opened its doors to international trade with other countries, aligning with its unrestricted economic policies. Considering Qatar’s move toward economic development, this is an excellent opportunity for the Islamic Republic of Iran to use its geographical advantage and exceed its rivals in developing trading relations with Qatar.

The Islamic Republic of Iran attempts to develop the export of non-oil products such as iron, steel, lime, cement, and agricultural products in addition to oil and its by-products by using its southern ports, particularly the port of Bushehr.

You can contact the Iran-Qatar chamber of commerce with the information provided below.

President: Adnan Mussa Poor

Vice President: Muhammad Ali Dide Roshan, Khorshid Gazderazi

Board of Directors: Muhammad Ali Dide Roshan, Seyed Muhmmad Ayatollah Musavi, Hamid Reza Zulnavar, Amir Shahriari, Alireza Rahimi, Ali Ghavabesh, Milad Malekpour

Executive Secretary: Sulmaz Soluki

Telephone: 021-91034200

Fax: 021-91034200

Email: info@cci-irqa.com

Website: http://cci-irqa.com/

Iran-Qatar chamber of commerce

7- Iran-Uzbekistan chamber of commerce

Uzbekistan is one of the most highly populated countries in Asia. The market of Uzbekistan is accessible to Iran by Turkmenistan. This country is one of the top producers of cotton around the globe and exports products such as gold, energy, mineral fertilizers, metals, textiles, and food products in addition to its cotton exports.

China, Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Poland are Uzbekistan’s main trading partners. The main imports of this country are machinery and chemicals. Considering Uzbekistan’s dynamic economy and appealing market, the Islamic Republic of Iran attempts to develop its broad commercial relation with this country by forming the Iran-Uzbekistan chamber of commerce.

Information regarding the staff and executives of this chamber is provided below.

President: Mussa Aghaee

Vice President: Alireza Sanee Nikabadi, Ali Taghipoor

Board of Directors: Hamed Amini Moslehabadi, Akram Mahdavizade Ardestani, Seyed Kamalodin Husseini, Seyed Muhammad Jafari

Executive Secretary: Muhammad Masoudi

Telephone: 021-91034200

Fax: 021-88825111

Website: https://iccima.ir/common-chambers/%D8%A7%D8%AA%D8%A7%D9%82-%D9%85%D8%B4%D8%AA%D8%B1%DA%A9-%D8%A8%D8%A7%D8%B2%D8%B1%DA%AF%D8%A7%DB%8C%D9%86-%D8%A7%DB%8C%D8%B1%D8%A7%D9%86-%D9%88-%D8%A7%D8%B2%D8%A8%DA%A9%D8%B3%D8%AA%D8%A7%D9%86

Iran-Uzbekistan chamber of commerce

8- Iran-Kuwait chamber of commerce

Geographic proximity, various ports between the two countries, Kuwait’s security and economic stability, and its worldwide commercial relations are all reasons that make this country appealing to Iranian merchants and traders.

Agriculture is not broadly among the economic activities of this country due to its unsuitable and dry climate circumstances. Therefore, various agricultural products are one of Kuwait’s top imported products. Cement, stone, plaster, carpet, floor structures, and different fish types are among the top imported products in Kuwait, in addition to agricultural products.

Iran attempts to take a practical step toward reaching its commercial goals and developing economic relations with Kuwait by employing the Iran-Kuwait chamber of commerce. Additional information regarding this chamber is provided below. 

President: Hani Feisali

Vice President: Seyed Sultan Hosseini Amin, ALireza Farhangju

Board of Directors: Muhmmad Khaki, Masoud Jamali, Taher Suleimani, Seyed Mustafa Musavi, Soroush Dehghani, Hamidreza Kashani

Executive Secretary: Abuzar Barari

Telephone: 021-88381355, 061-53534080

Fax: 061-53534079

Website: https://irkwcc.com/

Iran-Kuwait chamber of commerce

9- Iran-Pakistan chamber of commerce

The Islamic Republic of Iran considers the Pakistans as one of the suitable export target markets for its international trade and relations development plan. Therefore Iran is attempting to develop its trading relations with this country by solving various barriers such as security issues.

Holding consecutive mutual trade committees between these two countries and holding mutual exhibitions, plus forming the Iran-Pakistan chamber of commerce, are all crucial steps Iran takes to develop its trade relations with Pakistan.

The contact information of this chamber is provided in the following.

President: Abdol Al-Hakim Rigi

Vice President: Amanolah Shahnavazi, Muhmmad Sharifrakhshani Asl

Board of Directors: Mahmood Tohidast, Morad Bakhsh Yarmuhammad Zahi, Muhammad Sadegh Morvarid, Kave Keihani, Muhammad Shahnavazi, Muhmmad Ayub Rigi Mirjave, Hushang Parsa, Hossein Taziki

Executive Secretary: Abuzar Barari

Telephone: 021-88381320

Fax: 021-88381320

Email: irpjjcc@gmail.com

Website: https://iccima.ir/common-chambers/%D8%A7%D8%AA%D8%A7%D9%82-%D9%85%D8%B4%D8%AA%D8%B1%DA%A9-%D8%A7%DB%8C%D8%B1%D8%A7%D9%86-%D9%88-%D9%BE%D8%A7%DA%A9%D8%B3%D8%AA%D8%A7%D9%86/

Iran-Pakistan chamber of commerce

10- Iran-Turkmenistan chamber of commerce

One of Iran’s other active and crucial trade councils is the Iran-Turkmenistan chamber of commerce. Despite the appropriate market of this country, Iranian traders and merchants face trade barriers and issues because of the Pakistan command economy. Iran hopes to lift these barriers and problems by using diplomacy.

The current president of this mutual chamber of commerce is Mr. Majid Mohammad Nejad. Additional information is provided below. Also, for further details on how to become a member, you can reach out to the Iran-Turkmenistan chamber of commerce website.

President: Majid Mohammad Nejad

Vice President: Abdol Al-halim Maheri, Majid Jalili

Board of Directors: Bahman Eari, Ahmad Zamanian Yazdi, Muhmmad Reza Tavakolizade, Rahman Gharebashi, Seyed Akbar Rasuli, Muhmmad Samadi

Telephone: 021- 88381356, 051-37079000

Fax: 051-37664810

Email:  info@irtkcc.com

Website:  www.irtkcc.com

Iran-Turkmenistan chamber of commerce

11- Iran-Azerbaijan chamber of commerce

The Republic of Azerbaijan is considered a proper gateway for Asian countries to trade with Europe because of the strategic geographical location of this country and its suitable market. The Islamic Republic of Iran has formed the Iran-Azerbaijan chamber of commerce with regard to the potential of this country and to develop its trading relations with Azerbaijan.

Russia, Turkey, China, Switzerland, the United States, and Italy are among the primary trading partners of the Republic of Azerbaijan. According to the World Bank, the main exports of this country are crude and refined oil, gasoline, tomatoes, and gold. On the other hand, the top imports of this country are products such as auto, wheat, and medicine.

The contact information of the Iran-Azerbaijan chamber of commerce is provided in the following.

Presidnet: Hossein Pirmoazzen

Vice President: Mehran Fekri, Rahim Vahabzade

Board of Directors: Reza Gholi Rezaee, Frangiz Rahmani

Executive Secretary: Hossein Vosugh Irani

Telephone: 021-88381321, 045-33742001

Fax: 051-89788755


Website: www.ir-az.com

Iran-Azerbaijan chamber of commerce

12- Iran-Armenia chamber of commerce

Armenia has reached proper economic growth in recent years. The economic growth of this country, plus being a member of the Eurasian Economic Union, are all reasons why Iran needs to develop commercial relations with Armenia. The Iran-Armenia chamber of commerce takes practical steps to expand commercial ties between the two countries by holding exclusive exhibitions, introducing trading opportunities, and publishing the exclusive trade directory with Armenia. 

It is crucial for Iran to develop commercial relations with Armenia in order to obtain a proper position in the Eurasian Economic Union.

Additional information regarding the Iran-Armenia chamber of commerce is provided in the following.

President: Hervik Yarajinian

Vice Presidnet: Hamlet Yarajinian, Narbe Nazarian

Board of Directors: Zahir Khodabakhshande, Edik Vertani

Executive Secretary: Gaspar Amirkhani

Telephone: 021-77349142, 021-88346547

Fax: 021-88306126

Email: info@iranarmeniacc.com

Website: www.iranarmeniacc.com

Iran-Armenia chamber of commerce

13- Iran-Afghanistan chamber of commerce

The Iran-Afghanistan chamber of commerce was established in 2002. This chamber seeks to develop commercial relations between the countries private sectors and increase the mutual amount of exports by integrating and drafting a development strategy.

Additional information regarding this chamber of commerce is provided below.

President: Hossein Salimi

Vice President: Muhmmad Hassan Kermani, Ala Mirmuhmmad Sadeghi

Board of Directors: Seyyed Abdolreza Seyed Khamushi, Muhmmad Hanif Masoudi, Amir Hushang Amini

Executive Secretary: Gaspar Amirkhani

Telephone: 021-88346546

Fax: 021-77326041

Email: info@iaccim.ir

Website: www.iaccim.ir

Iran-Afghanistan chamber of commerce

14- Iran-Oman chamber of commerce

Another mentionable and considerable chamber in Iran is the Iran-Oman chamber of commerce. Forming proper communication and interaction between traders and merchants with industry owners, initiating and executing investment tenders in Oman, and providing informational services to advise Iranian merchants and traders regarding the services and trade regulations, and trade opportunities in both countries are all among the only goals of this chamber.

Construction materials, mainly stone, handicrafts, honey, and food products, are currently the best import choices for this country. You can reach out to the Iran-Oman chamber of commerce website to receive counsel or on how to acquire membership in this chamber.

A portion of the necessary information is provided below.

President: Mohsen Zarabi

Vice President: Muhmaad Amin Sabaghi Zade, Shahla Amuri

Board of Directors: Seyed Muhammad Ibrahim Alavi, Ahmad Shirzadian Yazd, Ahmad Azad Mard, Ali Muhmmad Sadeghian

Executive Secretary: Arezoo Jamali Nazari

Telephone: 021-40889530, 021-40886516

Fax: 021-40889519

Email: info@iromcc.com

Website: www.iromcc.com

Iran-Oman chamber of commerce

15- Iran-South Korea chamber of commerce

The Iran and South Korea trade relations have faced a downward trend in recent years due to various reasons, such as the sanctions that the United States imposed. The Islamic Republic of Iran has made an effort in the current year to improve and develop the trading relations between the countries and shift them toward proper commercial ties.

High portions of Iran’s money are currently blocked in the South Korean banks, which can be released by improving the trading relations between the two countries and lifting various trade barriers. The Iran-South Korea chamber of commerce can be very effective in reaching these goals. Additional information regarding this chamber is provided below.

Presidnet: Hossein Tanhaee

Vice Presidnet: Hamid Alavi, Muhammadreza Zahir Emami

Board of Directors: Kia Kiani, Saeed Jahandide, Hamed Kazemi, Ali Asghar Kaviani

Executive Secretary: Pouya Firuzi

Telephone: 021-86072675, 021-86072679

Fax: 021-86072679

Email: info@iromcc.comirkochamber@gmail.com

Website: www.irko.org

Iran-South Korea chamber of commerce

16- Iran-India chamber of commerce

The Iran-India chamber of commerce is the last chamber among the Iran-Asian chambers of commerce that we are going to review in this report. Currently, Iran and India have a proper trading relationship. It can be simply deducted by observing the market of Iran that there is a long list of Indian products in the Iran market, such as tea and rice.

The Islamic Republic of Iran competes with other rival countries such as China, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, South Korea, the United States, United Arab Emirates, Italy, and Indonesia in India to obtain a proper position in the market. The Iran-India chamber of commerce can be effective in achieving this goal. 

Contact information regarding this chamber is provided below.

President: Ibrahim Jamili

Vice President: Parham Rezaee, Mehdi Rang Rona

Board of Directors: Mustafa Nazeri, Muhmmad Hossein Didevar, Hossein Eyvazi Daryani, Asadallah Kordzangene

Executive Secretary: Arezoo Khodapoor

Telephone: 021-88346744



Website: www.i-ibc.net

Iran-India chamber of commerce

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