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Learn about Iran’s export stone types for a successful investment!

Iran Export stone gallery

Did you know that the world’s reserves of building stones are around 15 billion tons? Did you know that the global building stone market has a trading capacity of $80 billion? Granite, travertine, and marble are the most abundant of these reserves.

If you check the world statistics, you can see that Iran ranks first in the world in terms of diversity and quality of building stones. It is interesting to know that Iran ranks fourth in the world in terms of building stone reserves and 10% of the world’s building stone reserves are located in Iran. These statistics have made Iran one of the largest investment spots in the field of building stones in the world.

But what potential does Iran have in the field of building stone production, processing, and export? What are Iran’s best export stones? What are Iran’s top export destinations for building stone? What should we do to import stones from Iran? This article will answer even more questions. To buy Iranian building stones, contact GTG trading company.

The unique potential of Iran’s stone industry; Insignificant import

If you are importing stones from Iran, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with some Iranian statistics in this area. As already mentioned, Iran is one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of building stones. Stone exported from Iran is often exported to different parts of the world in two forms: raw (uncut) and cut (slabs and tiles). According to statistics from the Ministry of Industries and Mines of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the total production capacity of stone mines known in the country is 47 billion tons.

Of this amount, about 5.4 billion tons are facade and decorative stones, making Iran the fourth largest stone producer in the world.

Of this amount, 27 million tonnes, which is a very small amount, is extracted and processed by 6,000 active industrial units and only 5% of it is exported. An issue that indicates the untouched capacity of Iran in the production and export of building stone. Interestingly, Iran’s largest stone export comes in the form of raw sales, which account for about two-thirds of the country’s total stone exports.

Iran’s high potential in manufacturing all kinds of building stones has made the country less dependent on imports so that Iran’s name does not appear among the world’s largest importers of building stones. World statistics show that the top 10 importers of building stones in the world are: 

  1. China with imports worth 1,644,895,000 dollars
  2. India by importing all kinds of building stones worth 224,612,000 dollars
  3. Italy with imports worth 102.227.000 dollars
  4. Egypt with imports worth 67,766,000 dollars
  5. China Taipei with 43,300,000 dollars
  6. England with about 34.5 billion dollars of imports (34,502,000)
  7. Greece with imports worth 22,728,000 dollars
  8. Algeria with 19,962,000 dollars of import in the field of building stone
  9. The USA with imports worth 14,342,000 dollars
  10. Portugal by importing all kinds of building stones worth 14,298,000 dollars

You must be wondering what is the rank of Iran. In response, we must say that; In 2021, Iran is ranked at 52nd place among the world’s largest importers of building stones by importing only $1,391,000. If you are looking for a reliable option as a building stones export company in Iran, contact GTG trading company. Our experts have at their disposal a collection of the best Iranian building stones.

What are the reasons for the popularity of the Iranian stone?

As we mentioned, Iran is one of the most active countries in stone export. There are many reasons for the popularity of Iranian stone and the export of Iranian stone to different countries.

According to official statistics, Iran has the largest variety of building stones in the world. Even the biggest competitors of Iran, such as Brazil and India, do not have this amount of diversity in quarries for exporting stone. Other factors of the popularity of Iranian stone include the presence of many quarries in different provinces, the quality of Iranian stone, the low cost of production, and the convenient geographical location. Another important point that affects the export of Iranian stone is that different countries importing Iranian stone buy from Iran for specific reasons. For example, despite the rich natural resources, Georgia is weak in stone extraction and cutting technology, and Oman lacks natural stone mines

Building stone export statistics in the world; Iran ranks fourth in the world!

According to published global statistics, the total export value of all types of building stones in 2021 is estimated at $2,254,820,000. In this statistic, Iran ranks twelfth in the world after Canada with $ 143,196, viet nam and Greece with $ 168,934 and $192,973, respectively. According to these statistics, in 2021, Iran has registered about 105,830 thousand dollars in building stone exports.

Top 10 countries exporting building stones:

  • Turkey
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Iran
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • India
  • North Macedonia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Vietnam

But what are Iran’s most important export stones? And what are the characteristics of Iran’s export stone? Follow us in the rest of the article to answer these questions.

Learn about the most important export building stones of Iran (H2)

As mentioned above, importing stone from Iran is one of the best options in the field of stone imports, as Iran has very good varieties in the field of building stone. In general, according to the information released by the government of this country, the variety of known mines in Iran is as follows:

  • Marble stones 54%
  • Granite stones 20%
  • Crystal stones 15%
  • Travertine stones 10%
  • Marble stones 1%

Now that we are familiar with the potential of Iran’s stone market, it’s beneficial to learn more about Iran’s export building stones. In this part, we will introduce the most important export stones of Iran.

1. Iranian travertine stone

Most of the countries that intend to import stone from Iran are serious customers of Iranian travertine stone. Travertine stone is a decorative stone that belongs to the porous limestone category. These stones are very popular due to their multiple uses. Travertine stone can be used in many different ways, including buildings facades, buildings interior walls, pool tiles, flooring, paving, and many other uses.

The high quality of travertine stone has made it one of Iran’s major export stones. Iran is one of the largest countries in the field of travertine mining, processing, and diversity in the world. Indeed, Iran has extraordinary stone production and export capabilities, with over 200 travertine mines across the country. According to the Islamic Republic of Iran government statistics, Iran has recorded $2 million in exports of travertine stone in 2020.

But in which provinces of Iran are these mines mostly located? Isfahan, Markazi, East Azarbaijan, and Yazd provinces have the largest travertine reserves in the country. These provinces account for 90% of Iran’s travertine production.

2. Iranian granite stone

Granite is one of the most popular stones imported from Iran. This stone also comes from the heart of nature and has a variety of different colors. Granite is one of the most famous export stones in Iran. Granite in Iran can be found in white, grey, red, black, pink, green, and blue colors. Applications of Iranian granite include:

Bollard stone (traffic barrier): it’s used in the streets and pathways.

Curb stone: it’s used as street curbs and mower curbs.

Longitudinal granite stone: it’s used in the facades of buildings.

Tile stone : It’s used in buildings and parking lots pavements.

Staircase stone: It’s used for building stairs

Most Iranian granite stones can be exported due to their unique quality. Three of Iran’s most popular export granite stones can be named as follows:

1. Natanz white granite: The high quality of this granite allows it to be exported to countries such as Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Armenia, Turkey, and Russia. The difference in the price of Natanz white granite between domestic and export markets is due to packaging and pallet costs.

2. Nehbandan granite: Nehbandan stone is also a suitable option for export. The brand is mainly exported in slab and tile dimensions, but can be made in any desired size and dimensions upon customer order.

3. Yazd Red Granite: The high density of this granite makes it one of the best red granite stones in the world.

One of the largest export destinations of Iranian granite is Iraq. If you would like to purchase Iranian granite as well, please contact GTG Trading Company. GTG works with the largest Iranian stone producers to provide all kinds of Iranian export stones with the best quality and the best price.

The price of exported granite stone depends on the stone type, stone size, and stone thickness. One of the most popular sizes for export is 60×60, which is used in Iraq, Syria, Russia, and Turkey.

3. Iranian marble

As you know, marble is one of the ornamental and semi-precious stones used in the construction industry. According to statistics released by the Iranian Development and Trade Organization, in 2020, Iran exported 20,867,830 kilograms in the non-oil export sector, especially in the marble building stones export sector. This export volume brought Iran $2,573,504. This statistic shows that marble is considered one of Iran’s most exported stones.

If you intend to import stones from Iran, GTG Company will provide you with a selection of the highest quality Iranian export building stones by examining active and inactive building stone mines in Iran. According to GTG reviews, the best and highest quality types of Iranian marble are as follows:

  • Azarshahr marble
  • Sangab marble
  • Sanandaj marble
  • Kerman green marble
  • Kurdistan marble

If you also intend to buy Iranian marble, you can do it through GTG trading company.

4. Iranian marble onyx stone

When importing stone from Iran, don’t forget marble onyx. Iran’s exported marble onyx stone is one of the most important types of export building stone of this country and it comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. In fact, as a country rich in marble onyx mines, Iran is considered one of the best and leading exporters of marble onyx in the world.

Some of Iran’s major exported marble onyx stones are as follows:

  • Lashtar marble onyx
  • Namin marble onyx
  • Dehbid marble onyx
  • Chehrak marble onyx

In 2021, Iran has exported 794,510,997 kg of marble onyx to other countries. These exports brought in $55,719,842 for the country.

To which countries are Iran’s exported building stones exported?

Due to the quality of exported building stones, many countries intend to import stones from Iran. For example, Iranian building stones have a prosperous market in different countries such as China, Japan, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. The export of Iranian stones is not limited to Asian countries. There are also many customers in Europe and America for Iranian stone. The following countries are the most important European importers of Iranian building stones:

  • Italy
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Poland
  • Canada

However, most of Iran’s exports are to neighboring countries. Besides China and Japan, countries such as Oman, Qatar, Turkey, India, and Russia are among Iran’s export destinations.

It should be noted that with an annual turnover of over $80 billion in the global stone trade, Iran’s share is less than $200 million, despite several sources. For this reason, the Iranian government is strongly committed to expanding exports in this field. This issue is a great opportunity for other countries to invest in the field of importing building stones from Iran. To import stones from Iran and for more information, please contact GTG Trading Company.

Iran Export stones

The most important features of Iran’s export stone

As already mentioned, Iran has the most diverse stone mines in the world. Iran is unrivaled in the extent of its stone mines. For example, in Italy and Brazil, there are only granite and marble onyx mines. Iran has all the building stones, from granite to marble and marble onyx. This issue shows the opportunity and high potential of stone import from Iran to generate income for various companies around the world.

Before examining the reasons for the popularity of Iranian stone, it is better to answer the question, what are the characteristics of a good building stone? Here are the key factors that distinguish a good stone from a poor quality stone:

  • Stone texture
  • Moisture absorption
  • Cleanliness
  • Stability and resistance to environmental factors
  • Stone mechanical stability

In general, two factors can be considered the most important elements of the popularity of Iranian stones. The first factor is the very high purity of Iranian stone. Different types of Iranian stones have very high purity. The second factor is the use of modern technology and its standard processing. Using modern technologies in the stone processing sector and large investments that have led to the production of some special stone processing machines, Iranian companies produce and market a set of the highest quality building stones in the world.

Currently, many companies are engaged in the field of building stone export and GTG Trade company is one of the most reliable Iranian companies active in this field. In fact, one of the GTG Trading Company’s services is the export of Iranian building stones.

Importing Iranian building stone with GTG trading company

In this article, we tried to provide you with useful information about Iran’s exported stones. Considering the fact that prices, rules and regulations, and export conditions are constantly changing, contact the experts at GTG Trading Company for accurate and up-to-date information on importing Iranian building stones. One of the fields of activity of GTG trading company is the export of good quality Iranian stones. So if you are looking for a building stone export company in Iran, GTG is your best choice.

You can entrust the import of building stones from Iran to GTG. Through careful product testing and effective communication with Iranian building stone manufacturers, GTG ensures profitable deals with Iran.

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