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The variety of quarries and potential in exporting Iran’s stones

Iran's mines of building stones and export potential

Nowadays, with the expansion of discoveries, various quarries, and the quarrying industry of building stone all around the world, this industry has become one of the most profitable businesses for merchants and traders. In fact, there are marble quarries such as MONTE ALTISSIMO in Italy and CREMA MARFIL in Spain, and others in provinces like Lorestan, Kerman, and Yazd in Iran. Because there are many marble quarries out there, there is also a variety of building stones that humans need and as a result, this has become a top export product. Iran is one of the world’s leading exporters of building stones. Due to its various quarries, Iran is a potential country to export building stones. Therefore, many merchants and traders are clients to buy stone and import it from Iran. In addition to Iran’s wide variety of quarries, using enhanced discovery machines, and quarrying and processing has also made more stones be extracted faster from quarries in Iran. Due to its high quality, Iranian building stone is exported to Asian, European, and African countries. As a matter of fact, it can be said that the quality of Iranian stones can be compared with stones from countries such as Turkey, China, Ukraine, and Italy. The important point regarding Iranian building stone is that there are a variety of quarries, such as marble quarry, granite quarry, and travertine quarry. This has made Iran unique from the rest of the competitors. If you intend to purchase building stones or import them from Iran, read the entire article.

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exporting Iranian stones mine

Iran’s place in exporting building stones

According to the statistic from www.oec.world in 2020, the building stone industry with $ 10.9 billion transactions has become the 292 most traded product in the world. In fact, based on international statistics, the export of building stones was reduced by 2.44 % from 2019 to 2022. This reduction made the transaction of this product from 11.2 to 10.9. In other words, the building stone trade forms 0.065% of the total global trade.

Based on the studies that were conducted from 2019 to 2020, the building stone trades were ($42.4 million dollars) in India, ($40.8 million dollars) in Turkey, ($23 million dollars) in Vietnam, ($14.3 million dollars) in Oman, and ($12.3 million dollars) in Poland. So these countries had the highest growth in the export of building stones.

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On the other hand, from 2019 to 2020, South Korea ($268 million dollars), Saudi Arabia ($79.7 million dollars), Vietnam ($63.4 million dollars), Germany ($48.7 million dollars), and Guinea ($15.1 million dollars) were among the tops importers of building stone.

In 2021 the total export value of building stones was estimated to be $2,205,482 billion which has grown phenomenally by $1,651,205 billion compared with the previous year and this shows that now this product is sold at the same rate before the COVID-19 outbreak. In 2021 Turkey, Italy, Greece, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and Portugal were among the top exporters of building stone. Compared with other countries in the world, these 5 mentioned countries have experienced the highest growth in export value.

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, this product has allocated $787,285,000 million to itself which is a large volume of export. After Turkey, Italy, Greece, Iran, and Portugal with $384,752,000, 251,519,000, 148,278,000, and 124,656,000 are the top exporters of building stone respectively.

Export of Iranian building stone

Iran’s place in producing building stones

In the industry of decorative building stones, now 5 countries with the most number of quarries extract nearly 70% of the mentioned stones. According to the latest statistics regarding the production of decorative building stones in the world, countries such as China, India, Italy, Iran, and Spain are the 5 main producers of decorative building stones in the world. Based on the mentioned statistics China, India, Italy, Iran, and Spain have produced 21.78%, 16.45%, 12.96 %, 10.3 %, and 8.99% respectively. In spite of the fact that Iran is the first country that has the most varieties of quarries and it is also the top 4 producer of decorative building stones in the world, it has not succeeded in exporting this product. However, the Government has taken this into consideration seriously, and now an opportunity to invest and import building stones from Iran has arisen for merchants and traders of other countries.

The most important of building stones quarries in Iran

Because of the specific climatic situation of Iran as well as the geological differences era, this county has been a good place to form minerals over the centuries. In terms of building stone quarries differences, Iran has been in a good position in the world. Right now provinces such as Kurdistan, Lorestan, Hamadan, Esfahan, Razavi Khorasan, West Azerbaijan, Yazd, Qom, and some parts of the north of Iran have rich decorative building stones reserve (travertine, marble, granite).

This has made Iran the 4 top stone producer after China, India, and Italy. According to the statistics published by the government of Iran, approximately 25% of the known mines are stone mines or quarries of building stones. According to this statistic, now from 44% of building stone quarries, 25% marble stone, 20% crystal marble stone, 10% granite stone, and approximately 2% travertine are extracted.

Overall, the largest mines in Iran have situated in the following provinces.

  • Esfahan province.
  • East Azerbaijan province.
  • Lorestan province.
  • Fars provinces.
  • Yazd province.
  • Central province.
  • West Azerbaijan province.

Isfahan's stone mine

The process of Iranian building stones from 2016 to 2021

As was mentioned before, now merchants and traders from different countries are applicants to import building stones from Iran. For example, Iranian stone has an active market in Asian countries such as China, Japan, United Arab Emirates, and European countries such as Italy, Germany, England, France, Belgium, Poland, Canada, and South American countries, as well as Australia.

The following numbers show the amount of Iranian building stone exports in recent years. This statistic shows the building stone export growth after the end of the Covide-19 outbreak. Actually, Iran has been on the path of growth in exporting building stones.

  • Export in 2016: $145,359,000 million
  • Export in 2017:$190,589,000 million
  • Export in 2018:$150,314,000 million
  • Export in 2019:$54,480,000 million
  • Export in 2020:40,367,000 million
  • Export in 2021: $148,274,000 million

Given the capacity of the annual production of 24 million tons of different kinds of Iranian building stones, the mentioned numbers will increase in the upcoming years. If you intend to import building stones, you can contact GTG Company.

Ways of exporting Iranian stone

To import all kinds of Iranian building stones to various countries of the world, it can be done either by land or by sea. Overall, large and heavy stones are delivered by sea. What are the most important ways to export Iranian stones? Through what customs offices, Iranian building stones are more exported?

To answer this question, it can be said that based on the export destinations, different paths and customs can be selected. For example, most exports to Arabian countries are done from customs in the south parts of Iran like Bushehr and Khorramshahr. To export stones to countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, and India that can be done by land, Iran uses truck transportation methods. For instance, most of the Iranian building stone export to India is done from Pakistan’s border.

Building stone trade

GTG trading Company

Some of the services of GTG trading company in the export field are as follows:

  1. Supplying all kinds of building stones such as travertine stone, marble stone, and granite stone.
  2. Export/import marketing.
  3. International transportation.
  4. International insurance.
  5. Product clearance
  6. Doing all financial and currency transactions
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