1701 room . Huajian building .Shazhou (rd) zhangjiagang city . Jiangsu. China

Storage And Strip Service


In GTG’s commercial service integrity chain, storage is a critical component.

To increase the well-being of its customers, GTG provides comprehensive commercial services. Concerning this, by creating a mechanized storage system in one of the enormous warehouses adjacent to Shahid Bahonar port and the special economic zone, which international merchants can access, GTG provides storage, stripping, and stuffing services. GTG comprehensive business operations complex’s modern equipment and mechanization reduced human errors and helped minimize operational and intelligence challenges.

This warehouse has the following advantages:

  • Suitable and high-tech equipment such as special refrigerators and heavy machinery under the supervision of proficient experts;
  • Provide packaging that is appropriate for the product and stamps and labels that are cost-effective;
  • A safe stripping and stuffing process;
  • 24-hour monitoring to ensure security;
  • Located near Shahid Bahonar port;