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Custom Clearance Service

GTG handles all aspects of customs and commercial affairs related to importing and exporting goods and services without intermediaries.

Customs clearance has become a challenge for merchants, although different laws and customs regulations. Due to GTG managers’ 30-year direct experience in customs, all customs concerns and customers’ needs are addressed best, fastest, and most accurate.

The GTG staff expertise has produced diverse and effective solutions and immediate support from purchase to delivery in the warehouse, which has created a sense of trust among customers.

GTG experts use their knowledge of customs regulations, HS codes, and commodity valuation systems to inform you of the latest pricing, customs circular letters, Incoterms, and tariffs. Therefore, your export goods are cleared by the GTG Company’s foreign offices, and all customs and ports throughout Iran, clearance your import goods.

GTG offers a full range of customs services in its capacity as a customs broker and with offices in China, the UAE, and Iran’s main customs facility.