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The most expensive stones

expensive stones

One of the most significant and impressive elements of every construction is the facade. The depictive appearance of every building impacts people’s opinions about interior design, as well. Hence, architects and designers pay special attention to this issue. The façade, also, has a significant influence on the export and import of Iranian stones. The following parts discuss the most expensive stones in the world and the practical application of these stones in the building industry.

Two major factors are usually involved in the pricing of building stones. One of these factors is the type of stone and the other is the cutting and the quality of the machines used for stone processing.

Luxury's stone

List of the most expensive stones in the world

Marble is one of the most expensive and most popular kinds of building stones, categorized into different groups as follows:

1. Italian white marble stone which is white, with cream lines and halos, and is extracted from the Carrara mine. This stone is very popular and scarce making the stone very expensive.

italian marble

2. Calacatta Italian marble stone, which is white, with gray halos.

3. French marble stone, which the color is a mixture of dark green, yellow, and pink, and has a magnificent and stunning effect. This luxurious stone is applied in constructing many historical buildings in France, such as the Palace of Versailles.

4. Greek marble stone, which is the perfect white without any lines, halos, or points. This stone is usually used in interior design, and Greek marble becomes attractive and magnificent to designers when it is combined with dark-colored stones such as Belgian black marble.


5- Belgian marble stone, which is black, dignified, beautiful, and elegant, with white points. The combination of Belgian marble with a white stone, such as Greek marble can create a stunning and impressive space.

This stone is applied in the interior design of counters, stairs, and flooring. During the Middle Ages, this stone had been utilized in various design styles including Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance, as well as creating sculptures. Easily becoming dirt and scratched is considered the only disadvantage of this stone.

6. Diaspero Sicilian stone is one of the most luxurious stones in the world, which covers a distinguished tonality from dark red to yellow, with white streaks. Due to the special tonality, Diaspero Sicilian creates a magnificent and unique facade for the buildings. This stone is perfectly popular among the rich community and is used for flooring or walls in luxurious constructions.


7- Amazonite granite stone, which is popular among designers, is expensive; is abundantly found in Brazilian mines. The color of this stone is an impressive mixture of blue and emerald green, with bright streaks.

Amazonite granite stone is utilized in the interior design of the building, as well as luxurious constructions, hotels, living rooms, walls, and flooring. In the trade of Iranian stones, Granite stones are frequently exported and imported.

Following the introduction on the most expensive stones in the world, we intend to discuss specifically different categories of stones, regarding their application.

expensive stones

The most expensive stones, regarding the application

In the following parts, we will discuss the application of the most expensive building stones. Please, keep reading[Farzaneh1] .

The most expensive stones for flooring:

Another element contributing to the beauty of the building is the floor. Therefore, the choice of stone used for flooring is very important to interior designers and architects.

It is worth mentioning that marble slab stones (in different colors, including pink, green, and white) and porcelain stones are the most expensive stones applied for flooring. Also, Harsin[Farzaneh2]  and marble stones are ranked in the following, regarding the price.

The most expensive stones for the facade:

Travertine stone is the most efficient material for the facade. The pricing of Travertine stone directly depends on color; This means that the brighter the color, the higher the price. Among Iranian stones, “Abbas Abad Super travertine” and “Atashkooh Super travertine” are considered the most expensive available stones, affecting the amount of exported stones.

Also, “Haji Abad travertine” and “Darreh Bukhari travertine” are more expensive than other kinds of stones. The main mines containing the mentioned stones are located in the province of Markazi. If you require further information on the process of importing the Iranian Marble stone, Please do not hesitate to contact GTG company (JTJ Company).

The most expensive stones for the wall:

To create impressive spaces, the walls are the most effective elements of the building, as well as the façade and flooring. Of the most expensive stones used for the walls, it is worth mentioning Marble slabs and Traunix slabs. Due to the special feature of stones concerning light transmission, Marble and Tranix stones are practical for lighting.

The most expensive stones for stairs:

Usually, the marble stones used for stairs are considerably expensive. The Marble stone increases the cost of the projects, as they are applied in construction projects. As the Marble stones have relatively great strength, they are used for constructing staircases. Also, featuring natural patterns contributes to the eye-catching beauty of stairs.


The most expensive production of stones:

Quarry stones are not only used for the production of tiles, but also slabs and paving stones, and other items. Different constructions made of stone, including fountains, railings, statues, columns and column capitals, bowls and plates, stands of door phones, flower pots, and tables are all made of stone. However, valuable and expensive stones including Marble, Agate, Traunix, and Travertine are rarely applied in constructing mentioned items.

Significant factors of Pricing of stones

Building stones, one of the most significant factors influencing the beauty of buildings, have a considerable cost. The factors can be divided into five distinctive categories, as follows:

Types of stone:

Every building stones have particular applications depending on its characteristics. Furthermore,  building stones have different prices based on the application for decorating components of the building. For example, as explained in the previous sections, certain types are used for luxurious interests and are more expensive, while other types may be applied in ordinary and usual constructions. The type of stone is a key factor in importing stone from Iran for international buyers.

Type of stone:

Each building rock has specific applications depending on its characteristics, is used in specific locations of the building, and has a different price. For example, as we explained in the previous sections, some rocks are used in luxury places and are higher priced and some are used in ordinary buildings. This is very important for foreign buyers in the discussion of stone imports from Iran.

Granit in decoration

Stone Resistance:

Numerous chemical and physical factors influence the resistance of stone. For example, the temperature change is one of the major elements impacting the resistance. Temperature changes can lead to a crack, then, split the stone. Hence, the temperature changes dramatically reduce the stone resistance. Moisture and water are other factors affecting the resistance of the stone.

Stones with greater resistance are higher-priced. Moreover, other kinds of resistance including abrasion, compressive, and bending resistance affect the durability of the stone.

To examine the significance of the factors, resistance plays an important role in stone trades and it is an important factor to foreign buyers in the export of Iranian stone.

Stone cut

Stone cut:

The stone cut is another significant factor in stone pricing. The stone cut varies depending on various components including the stone type and the applied types of equipment. The cut of the stone, also, can have a significant impact on the amount of Iranian exported stones.

For example, Granite has a robust resistance and is considered hard stone, hence, Granite requires high-cost techniques to cut and polish. These expensive techniques influence the marginal price. The softer the stones, the lower the cutting cost, therefore, the stone price will reduce.

The color of the stone:

The color of the stone is another significant factor in the stone pricing. Color plays a key role in the beauty of the building. It should be noted that the color of building stones may change when get impacted by chemicals and react with other substances. Color changes, due to chemical reactions is an important issue, and Iranian stone buyers and exporters should take the significance of the color changes from chemical into account when they are trading.

building stone

The export of the Iranian stone

By reading the article, we hope that could kindly offer useful information about the most expensive stones in the world.

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