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World’s top stone exhibitions

stone exhibitions

Nowadays, thousands of people interested in stone in the world, specializing in production, supply, construction, and business companies, gather around in events called the stone exhibition to know each other, discuss a partnership, and get familiar with the most profitable and new in the stone industry.

Some of these stone exhibitions

In this section, we aim to discuss and get familiar with some of the most important and trusted stone exhibitions that take place every year in different parts of the world. Iranian companies join these exhibitions to export Iranian stones. The events significantly affected Iran’s stone export due to getting recognized by international suppliers in all these stone exhibitions.

Algeria international exhibition of natural stone and equipment fair:

This exhibition is an opportunity for any country that wants to do business with Algeria and enter their market. This exhibition is the only stone exhibition in this country, and it takes place at Algeria international exhibition center every September.

International stone expo in Las Vegas, USA:

This exhibition is considered one of North America’s most significant stone exhibitions, 300 thousand square meters. It specializes in floorcovering and stone used for the interior of buildings.

London, UK natural stone fair:

Despite the fact that this event only occurs every few years, visitors nevertheless look forward to it because it features top stone and construction professionals.

Stone Tec International Exhibition, Nuremberg, Germany:

This event takes place every two years in Nuremberg, Germany. Organizations connected to the Germany natural stone association are responsible for managing this exhibition, which has a high cost as it is a non-governmental event.

Due to the high importance of Iran’s stone export for manufacturers and suppliers of stone in Iran, Iran attends this event.

Most reliable stone exhibition events in the world in 2022 and 2023

Where and when does each of the stone exhibitions take place? To get the answer to your question, accompany us.

Iran Stone Expo

Iran Stone Expo is one of the most important stone exhibitions in the world

Iran is one of the largest manufacturers of stone in the world. Iran’s stone is exported to countries that demand it. One of the best international exhibitions for natural and mineral stone, machinery, and equipment is in Iran.

Iran International Stone Expo (IRSE) is the country’s most significant stone, mineral, and equipment exhibition. This event takes place every year in Tehran. IRSE is short for Iran Stone Exhibition, popular amongst national and international stone industries, architecture, and designers. This exhibition is an excellent opportunity to see a wide range of Iranian agate, marble, travertine, and granite.

Iran Stone Expo is one of the most important stone exhibitions in the world. (Caption under the photo)

Given the sizeable natural stone market, the Iran Stone Exhibition is growing in popularity among visitors from around the world and provides a fantastic venue for showcasing new goods and cutting-edge technology used in mining equipment and instruments for stone processing.

Other than international exhibitions, some national exhibitions occur every year. An event has its purpose; however, the most important goals of the exhibitions can be explained as follows:

•           Increasing the foreign trade exchange

•           Providing a healthy environment for competition between companies in this industry

•           Development and increase the financial partnerships in this class

•           Knowledge and information exchange about stone and construction

•           Development and growth of international relations

•           Development and growth of services like engineering and software; also, aiming to export these services

•           Knowledge development of the exhibition visitors

Iran Stone Expo was held from January 7th to January 10th of 2022, equivalent to the 17th to 20th of Khordad, 1401, in the permanent site of Tehran international exhibitions.

Stone exhibitions can have a considerable influence on stone export in the world. Iranian stones are also presented in these events, so the familiarity with Iranian manufacturers, suppliers, and exports to others gets easier. Stone is one of the essential components of a building and has high importance in the construction industry. Many countries are active in the stone industry, and Iran is one of the top countries in the stone export field. International stone exhibitions are held in countries like China, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Russia, and Iran. If you are working in the construction industry, you should know there are numerous opportunities to buy high-quality stones at international stone exhibitions. Exhibitions are the most important place to gain information about different kinds of stone.

History of international exhibitions in Iran

It must be interesting to know how little you know about the history of international stone exhibitions. It can be said that exhibition history is tied to business and trading history.

Exhibitions have been a place to entertain people from six thousand years ago with various business activities present. In ancient Iran, these exhibitions were called Makare bazaar. The Phoenicians were known as the most prominent traders of their own time, and they held the first world exhibitions in 2800 BC. They transported different goods to other lands and displayed them.

After some time and the changes due to the industrial revolution, the exhibitions started to take place with higher quality than before. Many of these exhibitions were popular seasonal, local, regional, or global. In the case of ancient Iran, most of the exhibitions were held in the cities that were on the route of caravans. Port cities were another canter for holding exhibitions. One of the most important routes for merchants, which has a long history, is called the Silk Road. On this route, many exhibitions were held.

In different historical periods in Iran, like the Safavid era, there were markets in the style of exhibitions in Isfahan. Moreover, in the Qajar era, Abas Mirza held an extensive exhibition with Russia and Ottoman countries present, and Iranian structures were represented to the people.

Iran has a long history of participating in international exhibitions, dating back to 1851. For the first time, Iran participated in the London Crystal Palace exhibition. The country’s artisans were invited to the show by Amir Kabir, the country’s prime minister at the time, to represent Iranian products such as calligraphy cloths, handicrafts, carpets, tiles, and dried fruits.

Finally, a law authorizing the formation of a joint stock company for international fairs was adopted in 1343. Tehran hosted an Asian international exhibition in 1348, with participation from 33 different nations. Iran has hosted numerous exhibitions in a variety of sectors since 1352, when Tehran hosted its first international exposition after three previous events.

In recent years, Iran’s stone suppliers and providers have started exporting Iranian stone internationally by participating in different international exhibitions.

Mahallat international fair of stone

Considering the importance of stone exhibitions in Iran on a global level, in this section of the article, we want to talk about one of Iran’s recently held stone exhibitions. This exhibit was canceled due to covid-19 pandemic. After two years, it has been held in Mahallat with 40% growth compared to last year in a thirty-two thousand square meters area. Five hundred Iranian and international companies join this exhibition.

This exhibition’s visitors are from Turkey, Italy, India, and other countries. Due to good feedback in the past years, a considerable amount and variety of Iranian stones were presented in this exhibition.

Thirty thousand tons of stone from domestic mines were displayed. During the active years of this exhibition, specialized courses were implied with good feedback. Also, the 5th Iranian stone meeting has been held to resolve the conflicts and challenges for exporting stone.


Marmomac is an annual event leading one of the essential stone exhibitions and the stone industry. Each part of the supply chain, including the raw materials to the final product, machinery and equipment, processing technologies, and the practicality of different types of stones in architecture and design, is displayed in this event.

The Marmomac exhibition meets the criteria for excellence and comprehensiveness. This exhibition features the newest specializations in stone processing.  This exhibition is one of the most significant stone exhibitions in the world and is regarded as a global event.

The Marmomac exhibition in Verona, Italy, is one of the most important exhibitions in the world.

This event includes, among other things, construction materials, machinery, industry-related technology, and stone-related products used in architecture and design. Each year, stones are exported from Iran to Italy.

The Marmomac exhibition will be held in Verona, Italy, from September 26 through September 29. Marmomac started working by extracting and processing natural stone in one of Italy’s premier locations. This show is currently the main international source for the top products in the stone sector. Innovation and education would thrive on a platform where business and development are conceivable.

Most important stone exhibitions in the world

52 countries hosted exhibits at this expo in 2016, which attracted 67186 visitors from 146 different countries.

Xiamen stone fair

Xiamen stone fair is one of the international exhibitions in the stone and stone processing industry. Numbers of international exhibitors display their latest products, innovations, and design every year in this exhibition. Xiamen exhibit provides the perfect platform for commercial and industrial relations development. This exhibit is an appropriate environment for stone importers and construction industry specialists. 

Xiamen stone fair was held from July 30th to August 2nd, 2022, in Xiamen, China. This event is the 22nd edition of this exhibition. 

Xiamen Stone Fair, China

Vitória Stone Fair

Vitória Stone Fair is one of the most important stone fairs in the world in the construction stone field and a national and international source of the decorative stone industry. Due to the high demand for Brazilian stones and expected growth, new and vast opportunities are provided for the Vitória Stone Fair.

Vitória Stone Fair

Vitória Stone Fair is held from January 7th to January 10th, 2023, in Vitória, Brazil, at Spirito Santo. This exhibition is one of the most important stone exhibitions in the world. It is the most remarkable event for individuals in America who are seeking various materials and business opportunities. You will experience excitement because of this exhibition’s beauty and variety of Brazilian stones.

Marble stone fair in Izmir, Turkey

The marble fair is the place for showing the main ways of production and the primary products. This exhibition includes mining, ceramic, minerals, marble, granite, and decorative products.

This exhibition will be held in Izmir, Turkey, from 23rd to the 29th of April, 2023.

Marble stone fair in Izmir, Turkey

Turkish stone resources make up 33% of the marble reserve in the world. Therefore, the marble fair can attract attention. Turkey marble reserve includes 120 colors and 80 different forms. Cherry red, Manas white, beige, and others can be mentioned as the most popular marbles.

Izmir is hosting the marble fair, which is a suitable city for importing minerals. Each year this exhibit in Izmir gathers thousands of stone experts from around the world and becomes a meeting point for continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa.

China Shuitou international stone fair

This exhibition displays a mineral used for internal and external use, facade, different kinds of stones and their processing, tombstones, equipment, factories, and processing tools.

The Shuitou stone fair is not as exclusive as the Xiamen exhibition and is not considered necessary. However, this exhibition is regarded as a big event and one of the most critical stone fairs globally. Shuitou city is near China’s important stone factories and is known as the biggest stone mining and production center.

The stone industry in Russia

The stone industry is one of the largest and most essential stone fairs in the world. This is one of the main events globally in which machinery, tools, raw stone blocks, ready-to-use stones, and extracted stones are displayed in Russian and Eastern Asia.

Traditionally, the stone industry exhibition is an opportunity for stone experts from Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and countries outside Russia to meet the people working in construction, contractors, architects, and designers.

Stone Industry Exhibition in Russia

Leading national and international stone companies display their machinery, equipment, tools, and innovation.

Stone Industry Exhibition in Russia was held in Moscow from January 28th to 30th, and Iran had a booth in this exhibition. 8% of the visitors were foreigners, 5% were from CIS, and the rest were from Moscow and other parts of Russia. This exhibition started working in 1999.

Istanbul Mermer international Fair in Istanbul, Turkey (annual)

This exhibition is known as the export exhibition in Turkey; international actors in the stone industry gather around Istanbul each year. This exhibit provides a venue for showcasing a hundred types of natural stone extracted from different mines in Turkey.

Istanbul Mermer international Fair in Istanbul, Turkey

Stona International Stone Exhibition (biannual)

This exhibition was held in Bangalore, India, and started working in 1987; since then, it has been one of the top platforms in the stone industry and granite stone.

Stona is a leading stone exhibition in Asia and a spectacular place to show the best in the industry and connect them with the industry and stone exporting. Stone displayed the creativity of India’s creativity and creations. This exhibition has tiles, artifacts, landscaping, paving stones, building blocks, columns, machinery, equipment, decorative vases, the latest technology, technical information, and anyone active in the stone industry that you can meet.

Stona International Stone Exhibition in India

Maroc Stone Fair

Pyramids Group Fairs hold this marble and natural stone exhibition in Morocco, the only stone exhibition. This exhibition connects the world to Morocco’s business market. The country’s development due to high demand inside Morocco and foreign investors made this place an excellent environment for business.

This exhibition is held annually in Casablanca, Morrocco.

Iran Stone Expo 2022

Coverings International Stone Exhibition in the USA

This exhibition has been the top event of Northern America’s ceramic, tiles, and stone industry for almost 30 years. The Coverings exhibition is held in Orlando, Florida, USA. Every year visitors come to the high-level Coverings event to benefit from thousands of products, the newest suppliers around the world, latest first-hand information that can help their business. Any recent happenings about ceramic and tiles can be found at Coverings.

Coverings International Stone Exhibition will be held from April 18th to 21st.

Coverings International Stone Exhibition in the USA is one of the top exhibitions

Stone and Surface Saudi Expo

The Stone and Surface Saudi Exhibition is perfect for companies to display their natural stones, surface design products, installation, and preservation manuals. The most outstanding international suppliers in the stone and surface industry get connected with consultants, architects, contractors, and other specialists who work on construction projects in Saudi Arabia.

Stone and Surface Saudi Expo is held annually in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Middle East Stone exhibition

This exhibition is the best exclusive trade exhibition in the natural stone, marble, and ceramic industry in the middle east and North Africa. Each year local and international suppliers meet with trade companies to discuss business opportunities.

The range of floorings, facades, landscaping, natural stones, marble, tiles, ceramic products, and their maintenance is evaluated in this event.

Final word

In this article, we got you familiar with 13 of the finest and most reliable exhibitions worldwide and their specifications. We hope you gathered your desired information about international stone exhibitions by reading this article. Please share your experience with the readers in the comment section if you have visited one of the mentioned stone exhibitions or other events. Moreover, you can seek assistance from GTG TRADE company for joining the Iran Stone Expo in the future or purchasing stone. To import stone from Iran, please get in touch with our experts

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