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Cargo Clearance through Tehran Customs

Cargo Clearance through Tehran Customs

According to statistics, it can be said after Shahid Rajaee Customs, the high volume of import and export is performed through Tehran customs. The Cargo Clearance through Tehran customs is performed based on the goods. It is better to consult with the experts in this field about the cargo clearance through Tehran Customs, before import and shipment of goods to the Customs. In the continuation of this article, we will provide you with the information about the cargo clearance through Tehran customs.

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More Acquaintance with Tehran Customs

Capital of Iran has many customs which based on the type of the importing goods must import goods through these customs. The most important and leading Tehran customs include Shahriar customs (Tehran customs), Imam Khomeini airport customs, West customs and Islamic Republic of Iran post customs and the other customs (Mehrabad airport customs, exhibition customs, Payam customs) are subsets of the mentioned customs.     

Based on the import statistics, the importing goods to Tehran customs, in dollar terms, have high value compared to other customs. Thus, due to the high volume of importing goods to Tehran customs, the need of merchants and businessmen for customs clearance companies to cargo clearance through Tehran customs have been increased.

The most important fact about cargo clearance through Tehran customs is the availability of customs which have a suitable location. Each one of these customs also clear a special type of goods and must clear the goods through related customs based on the importing goods.

For cargo clearance through Tehran customs which has its special conditions ­­­­– using customs broker (customs clearing agent) can decrease costs, additionally, will reduce the time of cargo clearance through Tehran customs.

The Cargo Clearance through Tehran Customs (Shahriar Customs)  

Shahriar customs is the largest customs of Tehran which is known as Tehran customs. Tehran customs has ground track, rail site, many storages, vastness and is nearby Tehran, that is why it is so important. In 1976, this customs was established in order to improve the export and import of goods. One of the reasons of reputation of this customs is the clearance of importing cars. You can prevent the possible damages and reduce your costs and clear your importing goods in the as short as period of time by consulting with GTG experts and/or entrust the cargo clearance through Tehran customs to GTG Merchandising Company.    

Cargo Clearance through Imam Khomeini Airport Customs

Imam Khomeini airport customs is the largest air customs of Iran. This customs is important for import and export of goods which are imported or exported through the airlines. Numerus important goods include medicine and cell phone are cleared and imported through this customs.

Imam Khomeini airport customs provide merchants and businessmen with special facilities for import of parts, machinery and basic machine equipment. This customs has provided the least formalities for the clearance of variety of goods.   

The tasks such as definite import, definite export, temporary entry, temporary exit, origin transit, destination transit, passenger and judicial affairs and cargo clearance are performed in Imam Khomeini airport customs. No carnet TIR, cabotage, border inhabitants, parcel post and sailors operations is performed in this customs.

What Do You Know about Imam Khomeini Airport Customs?

Since 2020 and based on fifth Iran development plan, 2500 hectares of lands of this airport have become special economic region of Imam Khomeini airport city. This special region is aside international airport and crucial part of goods import to country is done in this region.

Benefits of the Special Economic Region of Imam Khomeini Airport Customs

Benefits of the special economic region of this customs include:

  • Export and transit goods from the region to global markets
  • Import raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods from region and global markets for production, process and create value-added for export.
  • Provide services and create customs facilities, carnet TIR, transit, insurance and shipment.
  • Create customs facilities, facilitate import and export, production, process, re-export and transit of produced goods
  • Possibility of assignment and sell total or part of the goods to other people against negotiable warehouse receipt
  • Entry and unload of goods based on the transit license or carnet TIR from the region to other regions and border customs of the country and vice versa is allowed
  • Restoration and depot produced goods from temporary entry site to the region for performing the export or transit affairs and eliminate the guarantee and obligations
  • Product line devices, facilities, raw materials totally exemplified from all customs tariffs if you invest in the special economic region

Benefits of the logistic city in Imam Khomeini Airport Customs   

Imam Khomeini airport has logistic city which its benefits include:

  • Create cargo hub due to the special position of the airport city
  • Establishment of multipurpose and integrated platform of shipment, logistic chain and production
  • Access to big region market
  • Establish in the silk road route

Goods which are cleared through Imam Khomeini Airport

Major goods which are cleared through Imam Khomeini airport customs are the following:

  • Electronic parts
  • Small industrial and valuable parts
  • Chemical materials and industrial parts which are imported to the country as an example
  • Small laboratory equipment
  • High value passenger goods

Cargo Clearance through West Tehran Customs

West Tehran customs is nearby Tehran customs and it is one of the largest customs of Iran. The most of the big international trades take place in the west Tehran customs. The west Tehran customs usually is used for export of goods and lack the passenger and post system. Export of allowed goods, temporary export and export of heavy parts usually is performed in this customs. There is also suitable space for cargo clearance through west Tehran customs for import. The most of the imported goods of this customs are loaded and stored in its warehouses.

The cargo clearance through west Tehran customs is like the other Tehran customs, but, due to the complexity of import and cargo clearance affairs it is better to consult with experts in this field or GTG experts.

Benefits of Cargo Clearance through West Tehran Customs

West Tehran customs has easier stages of unloading and loading goods compared to other Tehran customs, as it has a big space. This customs has other benefits include:

  • Geographical location (being in the capital)
  • Standard warehouses
  • Access to the important communicative roads (being along two important highways of Tehran)
  • Access to Mehrabad and Imam Khomeini Airports
  • Intelligent fire extinguishing system
  • Access to railway tracks
  • Warehouses equipped with mechanical equipment and machinery
  • Separate warehouse for maintenance dangerous and incendiary goods

Imported Goods in West Tehran Customs

The goods which generally entered into the west Tehran customs are the following:

  • Cloth
  • Car
  • Medical equipment
  • Cigarette and smoking products
  • Cell phone and accessory
  • Goods of embassies
  • Road construction machinery
  • Toys
  • Stick
  • Rubber of sanitary valves
  • Road construction machinery
  • Seed and seedlings
  • Chemical materials
  • Industrial parts
  • Raw materials
  • And generally the goods which are entered into the country through land border

GTG Trade Company

In this article, we checked the cargo clearance through Tehran customs and provided you with information about the most important Tehran customs. For cargo clearance through Tehran customs contact with the experts of the GTG Merchandising Company. GTG Merchandising Company will clear your goods in the fastest period of time and by the most appropriate cost.  

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