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Bandar Abbas Customs Clearance

bandarabas clereance

The two most essential customs offices in the country are in Bandar Abbas. As a result, the customs clearance in Bandar Abbas is of particular importance for many merchants. The customs clearance of Bandar Abbas is divided into the Shahid Rajaei customs clearance and customs clearance of Shahid Bahonar customs. By their strategic location, Shahid Rajaei and Shahid Bahonar customs play a crucial part in Iran’s import and export; due to the geographical condition, most commodities transit via Shahid Rajaei and Shahid Bahonar Customs.

These two customs could be considered as the most vital entry points and ports of Iran. In the next section of the article, you can learn more about Bandar Abbas’ customs clearance.

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Reasons for the significance of customs clearance in Bandar Abbas

Bandar Abbas Customs has developed into a strategic base in the country due to its outstanding geographical location, access to open oceans, proximity to the Qeshm and Kish free zones, and the Persian Gulf’s commercial ports. In this case, many traders refer to these customs for customs clearance of Bandar Abbas. Clearance of many goods is done from Shahid Rajaei customs, which has more area. The process of imports flowing through these two ports, particularly Shahid Rajaei customs, proved that both imports and exports did not encounter any issues despite the region’s climatic circumstances. The finest quality services may be supplied to trading firms, traders, merchants, and owners through strategic planning and customs procedures in Bandar Abbas customs. In the next part of the essay, we will introduce and explain how to clear goods at Bandar Abbas customs.

The advantages of Shahid Rajaei Customs Clearance

Shahid Rajaei Customs is the country’s most extensive custom from importing goods with an area of 4800 hectares, which is the most significant of Iran’s commercial port. The port has an annual cargo acceptance capacity of 88 million tons. The introduction of gate cranes at Shahid Rajaei customs has sped up the port’s unloading and loading processes. This is especially significant for shipping lanes that use large ships. These customs provide the opportunity to store various goods in standard and proper conditions with enclosed areas and roofs and facilitate the customs clearance of goods in Bandar Abbas.

Advantages of customs clearance of Shahid Rajaei Bandar Abbas

Shahid Rajaei customs traffic has always been high because these customs are advantageous, and many merchants prefer clearing their imported goods through these customs.

The following are advantageous of customs clearance of Shahid Rajaei:

  • Covering an area of approximately 4800 hectares
  • Location of Shahid Rajaei Customs in 23 km west of Bandar Abbas
  • Awarding the title of the largest container terminal in the nation to this customs
  • Arrival and clearance of 88 million tons of goods through this customs per year
  • Turning this customs (port) to the special economic zone due to having a strategic situation
  • Doing customer affairs with high ease due to the high working experience of the staff of this customs
  • Performing a large volume of imports and exports of Iran through this customs
  • Being responsible for 70% of the transit of Iranian ports by this customs
  • Discharging of about 90% of container loads in the Shahid Rajaei port
  • Communication with many trading companies in various nations to unload cargo
  • Attracting merchants and traders to these customs due to the privileged geographical position

Customs facilities of Shahid Rajaei Bandar Abbas

Shahid Rajaei Customs has provided many facilities for merchants and owners of goods for goods clearance. We will mention some of these aspects below:

  • Connection with 80 famous ports in the world
  • Possessing 35 container lines
  • Possessing up-to-date and advanced facilities in all customs terminals of Shahid Rajaei
  • Possessing 40 separate wharves
  • Capability to moor giant ocean-going ships due to having a vast pier
  • Existence of a large number of gate cranes for easy transition of containers
  • No necessitate paying a high fee for changing the recipient’s name and assignment of goods at the customs place (doing this with a suitable amount)

Shahid Rajaee Bandar Abbas Customs Objectives

Due to the enormous volume of traffic during customs clearing at Bandar Abbas, the customs authorities have established a number of objectives for easing the clearance of products, administering customs, and supporting merchants. In the following article, you will see these objectives.

  • Raising the level of international indicators
  • Ease of doing the work process
  • Utilizing the electronic system
  • Providing reports to merchants from foreign trade information
  • Utilization of up-to-date equipment for controlling export and import
  • Preventing drug trafficking and entering into Iran
  • Preventing the entry of counterfeit goods into Iran
  • Preventing the entry of harmful pollutants into the environment
  • Preventing the entry of spoiled goods into the country
  • Integration of the customs system
  • Strong customs management
  • Providing the highest quality services to merchants and traders
  • Reducing customs costs
  • Precisely and quickly perform customs formalities
  • Observance of commercial norms and principles

Shahid Rajaei customs clearance for perishable goods

You must clear these goods as soon as possible when importing food or perishable food because of the sweltering weather in Bandar Abbas. The perishable food and goods will be spoiled if they remain in customs for a long time; in this case, the customs that do not allow their clearance will face severe losses. The use of refrigerated containers in Bandar Abbas customs could be considered a way to deal with the spoilage of goods, food, and clearance of perishable goods from Bandar Abbas customs. It should be noted that the expense of utilizing refrigerated containers is considerable. Thus, it is suggested that get help from professional clearance to shorten the time of customs affairs and release goods from Shahid Rajaei customs. The GTG Trading Company’s experts can clear and import items in the shortest amount of time and at the most competitive price. In addition, this company can do the warehousing and maintenance of your goods by having a roofed and mechanized warehouse near this customs.

Shahid Bahonar Bandar Abbas customs clearance

There is another customs office called Shahid Bahonar for customs clearance of goods in Bandar Abbas. Shahid Bahonar Customs is recognized for importing particular goods and bulk. Apart from this, it is active in exporting non-oil goods, and it is considered Iran’s third export port. Shahid Bahonar customs port is protected from high waves due to being under the protection of Qeshm Island. Moreover, it has the highest draught in Iran after the port of Imam Khomeini and Shahid Rajaei, with a draught of more than ten meters at the time of the tide. Shahid Bahonar port of Bandar Abbas has 12 large wharves and warehouses with 127,000 square meters.

Bandar Abbas Customs Services at the time of Customs clearance

Bandar Abbas Customs provides services to traders, merchants, and owners of goods at the time of customs clearance, including:

Cost calculation depending on the type of product and related information

Calculating the required number of containers depending on the number of goods

Carrying out high-speed clearance due to the high experience of the customs staff

Obtaining the necessary approvals promptly

Coordination with transits for transporting goods

Coordination with warehouses for the temporary storage of goods

Bandar Abbas customs clearance fee

There are costs to traders and owners of goods when the goods are cleared from Bandar Abbas customs as well as all Iranian customs. These costs consist of the cost of maintenance and warehousing. Some imported goods need to be stored in proper conditions. If these assets are not preserved in desirable conditions, they can cause permanent expenses to the owner of the goods. Despite the same clearance fee in all Iranian customs while customs clearance of goods in Bandar Abbas, Customs clearance costs can be verified by reviewing the evidence below:

Type of goods imported.

The weight (volume) of good

Number of goods

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