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GTG Trading Company has been working successfully in the commerce fields of work by having the infrastructure of international trade in Iran. By connecting with reputable Iranian suppliers and understanding the Iranian market, we can act as a trade gateway of Iran with other countries.

Direct communication with Iranian importers and manufacturers to import machinery, parts and raw materials required by them, has led to our full understanding of the needs of the Iranian domestic market and mastery of import laws in Iran.

The first step in importing goods to Iran is to research the domestic market for the conditions of sale of goods, review competitors, to check the cost price and the acceptable quality of the final product to be presented to the market; Which will ultimately be profitable for you.

Then it is necessary to obtain sufficient information from the Import and Export Regulation Organization that the entry of selected goods into the country is free and not subject to special conditions.

The next step is to obtain a business card and create the necessary business bases to perform the next steps in the comprehensive trade system of Iran.

The next step is to select the country of origin to purchase the goods.

You have to pay attention to the comparison of prices, brand selection distance and method of transportation.

Requesting a pro forma invoice from suppliers is one of the most important steps, as it contains the weight, quantity, type of currency, seller and buyer details, transaction method, money transfer, responsibilities and risks, and in general all the information required for the transaction.

For the next step, you must register the order in the NSTW system. After entering Proforma information in this system, obtaining a license from the relevant organizations, your entry permit will be issued.

Inspection of goods to ensure the quantity and health of goods, before depositing money to the seller.

After allocating currency and depositing money to the seller’s account, according to the negotiations, the product is packaged, loaded, and sent by the seller. Do not forget to insure your goods, because, in case of any damage, the insurance will pay for the damage to the shipment.

Your goods must be insured before loading from the origin.

After the goods enter Iran, by entering the EPL system, provide the necessary information and documents, then declare the goods clear the goods according to the customs rules.

By following all the steps mentioned, you can import the desired product to Iran.

The first step in exporting goods is to provide the necessary infrastructure such as a website, social network, catalog, brochure, physical business card, and multilingual digital.

The next step is to obtain the necessary legal licenses and export standards, such as a business card.

The third step is to determine the export strategy and market research to identify foreign markets and ways to penetrate them.

The fourth step examines the purchase price, purchasing power of the target community, competitors, and supply conditions in the target market.

The next step is to level the production capacity and quality of the product, taking into account the target market.

The sixth stage is dedicated to creating a competitive advantage, product engineering, and competing research.

The next step is to register a global brand.

Taking the seventh step can facilitate communication and build trust in the target market.

The next step is marketing and advertising in the target country.

Financial issues have always been one of the most important concerns of exporters.

 Managing financial issues, especially examining the infrastructure for transferring foreign exchange from exports, is the ninth step in exporting goods.

The final step is to prepare legal documents, transport the goods and perform customs formalities.

These steps are general, and some others may change depending on the type of export goods.


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